Sink Your Teeth Into Castlevania Guests!

August 9, 2017 – Netflix debuted their bloody awesome Castlevania earlier this summer, and we’re thrilled to welcome two of the series’ leads to Crunchyroll Expo!

Brad Graeber – CEO of Powerhouse Animation – After working in advertising and as an editorial cartoonist, Brad Graeber left all that he had to follow his dreams. Since that didn’t work out, he decided to pursue a career in animation. Educated at the esteemed graduate program in Visualization Sciences at Texas A&M (The Vizlab), Prof. Graeber has worked very hard to forget what matrices and linear algebra have to do with making cartoons. In his spare time Brad listens to jazz, spends time with his lovely wife Mandy, and works on Captain Capitalism: a website and cartoon series devoted to the Cold-War’s Hottest Hero. 

Sam Deats – Castlevania Director – “Sam”, as we’ve affectionately named him, can normally be found under a thick layer of dirty laundry staring at a perpetually glowing computer monitor. Here, “Sam” spends a large quantity of time appreciating “anime” or battling what he calls “noobs”. Attempts were made at the local community college to educate our young friend, with astonishing results in his social behavioral abilities. “Sam” is now being trained by Powerhouse to further explore his potential with normal human tools and skills. We’ve yet to see any results.

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