Hotels Are Selling Out

August 9, 2017 -We’re running out of rooms fast and there are now only a few hotels in the official Crunchyroll Expo hotel block with open rooms! Hurry!

And August 18th is the very last day you can get a very special gift prepared by Hime for you – it’s the deadline for receiving an exclusive Crunchyroll Expo Welcome Bag for booking a room in our official hotel block!

If you haven’t booked yet, grab your hotel room now to receive some special presents when you check in:

  • Exclusive print only available to fans staying in the Crunchyroll Expo hotel block
  • Discount coupon for the Crunchyroll online store
  • A lanyard, program guide, a print, and a letter directly from Hime, herself!

Get your room before it’s too late!

Get Your Crunchyroll Expo Hotel Room Now!