Meet Our Masquerade Judges

August 23, 2017 – Professional Cosplayer MOSTFLOGGED joins the Crunchyroll Expo Masquerade ULTRA DELUXE as Crunchyroll-Hime IRL with handpicked judges from American Cosplay Paradise to judge our contestants! Here’s the line-up!

  • MOSTFLOGGED: Cosplayer, seamstress, and CEO of ANIMESTRASHSWAG
  • Wayne Kaa: Professional cosplayer and experienced cosplay Masquerade judge
  • Tasudesu: Veteran cosplayer and cosmetologist
  • Boomie and Jen from Strawberry Censor Cosplay for the gameshow portion of the event

Head to our Main Stage for a Masquerade unlike anything you’ve seen before on Saturday night!

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