Today’s The Last Day To Get Your Badges Before They Go Up In Price!

Today's The Last Day To Get Your Badges Before They Go Up In Price! August 23, 2017 - Today is your last chance to purchase your Crunchyroll Expo badges at pre-registration pricing. Tonight at midnight Pacific time, tickets will be increase to their final at-the-door price! Current Final Weekend $65 $70 Friday $40 $45 Saturday $55 [...]

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Meet The Director Of Lastman

Meet The Director Of Lastman August 23, 2017 - Jérémie Périn is coming all the way to Crunchyroll Expo from Paris! The's the Director of Lastman, and also internet-famous for his music videos Truckers Delight (Flairs), Fantasy (dYe), Hi Life (Syd Matters) and the mini series Merci Satan! See him on the Lastman panel and screening at 4:15 PM on Friday in the [...]

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Meet Our Masquerade Judges

Meet Our Masquerade Judges August 23, 2017 - Professional Cosplayer MOSTFLOGGED joins the Crunchyroll Expo Masquerade ULTRA DELUXE as Crunchyroll-Hime IRL with handpicked judges from American Cosplay Paradise to judge our contestants! Here’s the line-up!MOSTFLOGGED: Cosplayer, seamstress, and CEO of ANIMESTRASHSWAGWayne Kaa: Professional cosplayer and experienced cosplay Masquerade judgeTasudesu: Veteran cosplayer and cosmetologistBoomie and Jen from [...]

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See Hunter x Hunter Art at Crunchyroll Expo

See Hunter x Hunter Art at Crunchyroll Expo August 22, 2017 - Newest on the list of Crunchyroll Expo’s many attractions is our Hunter x Hunter Art Gallery, featuring sketches from the hit anime adaptation of Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga! Comes see the groundwork behind Gon and Killua’s adventures for free! The exhibit will be [...]

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2 Anime 2 Furious

2 Anime 2 Furious August 20, 2017 - Have you heard of “Itasha”? It’s the term for a Japanese subculture of decorating cars with your favorite anime characters! Since they first appeared, Itasha enthusiasts have popped up all over the globe! Even in California! And we’ll have a huge Itasha display on the show [...]

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MEET MICA!! August 17, 2017 - Mica Burton is a cosplayer, actress, model, and staff member at Rooster Teeth Productions, and she's coming to Crunchyroll Expo next week! See her at the show on stage and hosting a Meet & Greet! Mica is currently working as co-host of The Know and on screen talent. [...]

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CODE VEIN Takes A Bite Out Of Crunchyroll Expo

CODE VEIN Takes A Bite Out Of Crunchyroll Expo August 16, 2017 - CODE VEIN's looking like one of the best games of 2018. Set in a ruined future, it features some bloody fantastic vampire action, and we're honored to welcome two of CODE VEIN's lead staff to Crunchyroll Expo! Hiroshi Yoshimura (Director [...]

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