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Beyond traditional panels from fans, guests and publishers at Crunchyroll Expo, we’re trying something new – CRX Chats!

  • Brief, informative, and entertaining talks no more than 15 minutes in length, CRX Chats are inspired by TED Talks and look to be a new way to share ideas and create conversations.
  • CRX Chats will feature anime academics, experts, and passionate fans talking about what excites them, with each speaker enthusiastic and having a unique story to to tell!

Think of CRX Chats as micro-panels. It’s just one speaker onstage talking about something interesting, intellectual, and fun, and our CRX Chats will cover anime and manga fandom, history, the industry, and various aspects of Japan.

We hope our CRX Chats provide a new way for passionate people to share what they love!


CRX Chat: Anime Supporters – 7:15 PM – CRX Stage
Imagine you travel all the way to Tokyo from the other side of the country to become an animator. And when you get there, you can’t pay the rent. This is the reality for many in the anime industry today. Canipa spotlights the organization helping those struggling to stay afloat in the industry.

CRX Chat: Edo Cats – Tails of Old Tokyo – 7:35 PM – CRX Stage
In this CRX Chat, Manga University publisher Glenn Kardy explains how a little book is making a big difference in the lives of homeless Japanese kittycats. Meow.

CRX Chat: How Monetization Affects What Kinds of Anime Are Made – 7:55 PM – CRX Stage
What a final anime looks and feels like is driven by dozens of factors…but one of the most important and least discussed is the way that an anime is capable of making money. Whether it’s a super-violent 90s OVA or the straight-to-web Sailor Moon Crystal, learn how an anime’s financial goals impact its artistry with Miles Thomas.

CRX Chat: Otaku Journalism – Techniques for Reporting on Anime and Fandom from a Professional Journalist – 8:15 PM – CRX Stage
Pop culture reporting isn’t any less rigorous than other kinds of journalism (though it’s certainly a lot more fun). Take it from Lauren Orsini, who has been reporting on the anime community for nearly a decade at outlets like Anime News Network and Forbes. Come for practical tips on covering fandom events, interviewing industry names, and reporting with integrity.


CRX Chat: Studying Abroad in Japan and What Relates to Anime – 10:30 – CRX Stage
Igor Akimenko touches on things that surprise and/or impress exchange students most, like convenience stores, sakura, hanami, losing the smallest of things on a train and getting them back, and the lack of public trash cans.

CRX Chat: Anime: The Global Medium – 10:50 AM – CRX Stage
Anime isn’t just made by Japanese people. In this chat, Callum May looks at some of the foreign anime staff who made the leap to working in the Japanese anime industry.

CRX Chat: Why Manga Matters – 11:10 AM – CRX Stage
Modern manga has been around for over 100 years, and it’s the root of the majority of anime ever made. Why is that, and why has it taken the rest of the world by storm? Join Dallas Middaugh, formerly in charge of Del Rey Manga and Kodansha Comics, co-founder of Seven Seas, sales director at VIZ, and current head of manga at Crunchyroll, for a whirlwind tour of the last century of manga publishing and how changes in the industry have helped shape pop culture throughout the world.

CRX Chat: Becoming a Fan of Fandom – 11:30 AM – CRX Stage
There are many different facets to fandom and the cultures around it. After being deeply entrenched in this world both personally and professionally for almost four decades, Adam Sheehan (Director of Events at Crunchyroll) would like to share how there is a lot to learn and enjoy by stepping back from the shows, games, and books we love and look at the fandom surrounding them.

CRX Chat: The Curse of Copyright – Why Being a Fan Artist is So Much Better in Japan – 11:50 AM – CRX Stage
Japanamerica author Roland Kelts introduces the world of doujinshi – self-published creative works that power an entire industry in Japan but would be illegal in the US. Kelts lives in Tokyo and attends the Comic Market (Comiket), the world’s largest fan art festival, drawing over half a million fans and amateur artists twice a year. Learn about doujinshi, Comiket, and the Japanese manga and anime industries here!


CRX Chat: Manga is Even Bigger Than You Think – 10:30 AM – CRX Stage
Ever wished you could do a deep dive analysis of manga sales in the US? Well, wish no more! Dallas Middaugh, a veteran of the US manga publishing industry, has spent years analyzing manga and graphic novel sales trends, and this is where he lays it all out on the table. Expect thrilling spreadsheets, exciting graphs, and as many numbers crammed into 15 minutes as he can manage!

CRX Chat: 3D Anime Is Good, Actually (with The Canipa Effect) – 10:50 AM – CRX Stage
Fully 3D anime are often overlooked. But Callum May shows us there’s an extraordinary level of production that goes into making them suited for anime fans.

CRX Chat: The Anime Opening Formula: Why Shonen Openings Pump You Up – 11:10 AM – CRX Stage
Many people’s first impression of an anime comes from the intro song. Join Mark Lee in looking at some great openings that use a surprisingly simple cadence to convey action and excitement.

CRX Chat: Samurai Cinema’s Influence on Samurai Jack – 11:30 AM – CRX Stage
Are you a fan of Samurai Jack and want to know more about the samurai movies that influenced the Cartoon Network legend? Come chat with super fan Carmilla Jo and learn more about the history and aesthetics of samurai movies and the DNA of the masterpiece Samurai Jack.

CRX Chat: Action as Storytelling – 11:50 AM – CRX Stage
Action’s not just filler! Nate Ming takes us through some of anime’s greatest action scenes and shows how a fight can tell a story through each punch.

CRX Chat: Persona and Carl Jung – 12:10 PM – CRX Stage
Alexis Berman examines the first Persona game and Persona 5 through the Jungian lens which inspired the games and looks at some of the distinctions between what the games use and Carl Jung’s thoughts on the Persona, the Shadow, and the Self.

CRX Chat: The Changing Faces of Anime – 12:30 PM – CRX Stage
Anime and manga have seen their fair share of different looks and feels throughout the years, but few aspects stand out as much as the faces of their characters. Join Evan Minto (Otaku USA, Ani-Gamers) for an overview of more than 60 years of anime and manga character designs, from Astro Boy to Attack on Titan!