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We’re home to amazing artists from all around America… and beyond!

Artist Alley!

Home to over 200 artists from around the globe, our Artist Alley presents talent from as far away as Ohio, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Chile! Shake hands, grab a print, and swoon!!!

Yoshitaka Amano Art Gallery!

We’re honored to welcome illustrator Yoshitaka Amano to Crunchyroll Expo. The immortal illustrator behind Final Fantasy, Vampire Hunter D, and more, Amano will hold talks and signings at Crunchyroll Expo – and present his first gallery show in the US in over five years! Head upstairs next to our Yuzu Stage to discover one of Japan’s most iconic illustrators up close!

Hunter x Hunter Art Gallery!

Side by side with our Amano Gallery, we’re presenting close to 30 sketches and behind-the-scenes pieces of art from Hunter x Hunter! Take a look at the animation production process with our Hunter x Hunter gallery all weekend!