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Cosplay is a big part of Crunchyroll Expo! Come dressed as your favorite character for a weekend full of photo ops, workshops, and awesome events!

Meet Crunchyroll-Hime In-Person!

We’re proud to welcome ✦MOSTFLOGGED✦ as our official Crunchyroll-Hime cosplayer! She’ll host a number of events, pose for photos, and spread cheer! Follow her on Twitter to see the step-by-step creation of her costume!

Masquerade ULTRA DELUXE!

Cosplay takes center stage on Saturday night! Our Masquerade ULTRA DELUXE is half costume contest and half Japanese gameshow… and all awesome! Whether your a cosplayer on stage or a fan in the audience, you’ve got a chance to win fame, fortune, and prizes!

Photo Ops!

Take photos all over Crunchyroll Expo with unique backdrops! Keep your eyes peeled for special photo op spots to pose with the Colossal Titan, Goma-chan, cars covered in anime characters, and more!


We’ve got three days of panels, screenings, and special events including a series of cosplay workshops! Learn how to read sewing patterns, style wigs, make foam armor and cosplay swords, and more!

Cosplay Rules!

Before you go, read through what’s allowed and what’s not! We want Crunchyroll Expo to be safe and fun for everyone!