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We’ll present a number of traditional panels from fans, guests and publishers at Crunchyroll Expo, and in addition to this, we’re trying something new – CRX Chats!

  • Brief, informative, and entertaining talks no more than 15 minutes in length, CRX Chats are inspired by TED Talks and look to be a new way to share ideas and create conversations.
  • CRX Chats are for anime academics, experts, and passionate fans to talk about what excites them, and as long as you’re enthusiastic and have a unique story to tell, we want you to submit a CRX Chat!
  • CRX Chats are open for anyone to apply, and all submissions will be reviewed by our CRX Chats team. Please apply by July 25, and we’ll be in touch with you about the status of your submission by August 1.

Think of CRX Chats as micro-panels. It’s just you onstage talking about something interesting, intellectual, and fun, and your CRX Chat can cover anime and manga fandom, history, and the industry or any part of pop culture tied to Japan, and we hope our CRX Chats will provide a new way for passionate people to share what they love!

Apply to host a CRX Chat now!