DRAGON BALL SUPER PUZZLE HUNT 2017-08-04T21:43:48+00:00


Toei Animation Inc, in partnership with SCRAP Entertainment, is bringing an interactive Dragon Ball Super experience to Crunchyroll Expo! The Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Hunt calls attendees to become Future Trunks in a free-to-play scavenger hunt adventure and collect the Dragon Balls scattered across the convention center to save the Earth!

The Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Hunt is a free, live experience based on the hit anime Dragon Ball Super. Players must solve puzzles in this story-based scavenger hunt, and participants can start, stop, and resume the game anytime during Crunchyroll Expo’s exhibition hall hours. Players will meet beloved Dragon Ball characters, receive prizes, and – of course – save the planet.

Featuring an original story based on Dragon Ball Super’s Future Trunk saga, exciting Easter Eggs, and fantastic surprises, the Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Hunt is an essential experience at Crunchyroll Expo, and it starts just inside the exhibition hall’s doors.

For more info, visit dragonballsuperofficial.com!