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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment presents “Play Anime” – 1:45 PM – Hime Stage
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment invites you to live out your dreams and Play Anime! With the press of a button, you can be instantly transported to another dimension, masquerade as a magic user, spar with your favorite cast of heroes, or even travel through time. Join us as we share our upcoming anime title line up. Space is limited so come early to guarantee your seat to get the latest news and a chance to win some amazing giveaways!

A Brief History and Introduction to International Co-Productions – 1:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Anime’s audience goes far beyond the shores of Japan, and some of the most celebrated works abroad are co-funded and co-produced by foreign companies! Learn about this history and what it means for anime from Ghost in the Shell to Afro Samurai.

MARIO MASHUP – 2:00 PM – CRX Stage
Have you ever wondered what would happen if your favorite con celebs were thrown into a dark pit to fight each other to the death? Then you’re a very disturbed individual, but perhaps we can entertain you by matching CRX guests who’ve never met in a game of MARIO KART!

Crunchyroll Manga – 2:45 PM – Hime Stage
Crunchyroll is all about anime, and most anime come from manga, so it shouldn’t surprise you that we’re pretty deeply interested in manga! Find out what’s new with Crunchyroll Manga, check out our latest simulpub releases, and get more info on our new ebook store! With Robert Newman and Dallas Middaugh.

Localizing: Anime, Games, Dramas, and More – 2:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
How does your favorite entertainment from Japan get localized? Go beyond translation with this industry panel, which looks at the entire localization process from start to finish. Meet the staffers who help translators bring Japanese titles to you in English. Includes audience question and answer session at the end, too!

Dubs that Time Forgot – 2:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Anime has spanned the globe as a cultural force for more than 60 years. During that time, hundreds of companies have dubbed thousands of features into English. A precious few have survived to become favorites, but many more dubbed versions of anime have sank into obscurity. Join host Mike Toole for a fascinating look into the secret history of Japanese animation in English, as we uncover alternate dubs of old favorites, VHS-only obscurities, pilot films, sales reels, and other surprises.

Anime Voice Acting Evolution – 3:00 PM – Main Stage
Anime has been around in the US for decades, but the delivery and availability has changed drastically. From TV edits, to DVD, to simuldubs – how has anime voice acting changed over the past 10 to 20 years? Monica Rial (My Hero Academia), Caitlin Glass (Fullmetal Alchemist), and Max Mittelman (One-Punch Man) will give you their perspectives.

Dream Daddy: The Dream Panel – 3:15 PM – CRX Stage
Meet the team behind the hot new Dad Dating Simulator, Dream Daddy! Join them as they discuss all the different aspects of the game from design to voice acting and its overall creation. Dad jokes may happen.

But Is It Anime? – 3:45 PM – Hime Stage
In Japan anime refers to all animation, regardless of its origin. In the US, it usually just means animation from Japan. But what about non-Japanese projects that feel like anime? What about RWBY, The Legend of Korra, or Childern of Ether? What should we define as anime? With Zac Bertschy, Miles Luna, Gray Haddock, Sam Deats, and Brad Graeber.

Cosplay Wig Styling Workshop – 3:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
Come and learn how to style cosplay wigs first-hand with professional wig stylist Pisara Roobsawang. The workshop will include wig trimming, spiking, and styling technique demos for your favorite recent anime and game characters. Limited wigs and styling tools will be provided for attendees to use during the workshop.

How to Get a Job at Crunchyroll – 3:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Join the Crunchyroll recruiting team to learn what it’s like working in the anime Industry, what makes our culture so amazing, and how you can get a job working for the best destination for everything anime…Crunchyroll! The Head of PeopleOps, Engineering leadership, and members of the Audience Development team will be on hand to answer any questions you have.

Lastman Screening – 4:15 PM – CRX Stage
Join your host Victoria and special guests Jérémie Périn (director of Lastman), Greg Franklin, Gray Haddock (RWBY), and Kerry Shawcross (RWBY) in the premiere of Lastman, a gritty animated series based on the award winning comic book by Vives, Balak, and Sanlaville, and full of fighting, gangsters, and paranormal activity!

Gigguk vs Digibro – 4:15 PM – Main Stage
Hamilton vs Burr, Ali vs Frazier, and now Gigguk vs Digibro. Don’t miss these two YouTube heavyweights as they take their online battle from the internet to RL.

Being an Otaku: Collecting Without Breaking Your Wallet! – 4:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
This panel explores the world of Japanese online auctions and how to navigate working through online retailers from Japan and around the world. We’ll go swiftly into the world of a collector’s paradise and show you how to forge your own path to discover your “holy grail” items and products without going financially broke.

Noir Caesar & HYPE Manga – 4:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Meet Noir Caesar founder Johnny O’Bryant III and his team of creators as they present the latest from Noir Caesar and HYPE Manga! Noir Caesar prides itself on bringing fans the dopest and most diverse manga-inspired titles out there. Discover fresh and unique offering with a variety of characters you’re sure to fall in love with!

Fred Seibert – 5:15 PM – CRX Stage
Fred Seibert is the founder of Frederator, the animation studio behind Bee and PuppyCat, Bravest Warriors, Adventure Time, and a ton of other great shows. But did you know he helped develop the phrase “I Want My MTV”? That he worked at Hanna Barbera? And that he actually rejected Adventure Time the first time he saw it? Hear these stories and more from Fred himself!

Anime Fashion Police – 5:30 PM – Main Stage
From Nana and Paradise Kiss to Cardcaptor Sakura and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, fashion has played a big role in capturing our interest and inspiring our trends in various subcultures (Lolita, Goth, Punk, etc). Johnny Weir and some surprise guests discuss their love of fashion, give their take on iconic looks depicted in your favorite anime, and reveal their style inspirations in everyday life!

Digibro Before Dark – 5:45 PM – Hime Stage
Here’s your chance to meet the guy who knows more about anime than anyone could ever want to know. Digibro sits down to talk about anime and his YouTube channel and to answer questions.

How to #GodTune with #Hatsune #Miku!!! – 5:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
Discover cool secret pizza sauce techniques for getting Miku from sounding like a robot to a real live vocalist, including hearing some of your favourite songs sung in her English Voice Bank. Help celebrate Miku’s 10th Anniversary at Crunchyroll Expo!

But Have You Read the Manga? – 5:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Most anime come from manga, but not every anime is completely faithful to the original manga. Whether it’s filler arcs or taking the story in a completely different direction, fans sometimes don’t realize how different the manga is from the anime. Join Mother’s Basement, Jacob, and ProZD as they talk about their faves.

Butch Hartman – 6:15 PM – CRX Stage
Butch Hartman, Emmy award winning creator of The Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom, will be on hand to talk about the creation of these series and working in the animation industry, and to answer questions from fans.

Meet the Voice Actors of Juni Taisen: Zodiac Wars – 6:45 PM – Hime Stage
Join producer Katsuhito Matsumura and talented voice actors Hiromi Igarashi and Shun Horie to discuss the highly-anticipated (and highly gory) action series Juni Taisen: Zodiac Wars as well as get a chance to participate in Q&A with the cast.

Hiroshi Shimizu: A Lifetime in Anime – 6:45 PM – Main Stage
Hiroshi Shimizu has worked on such beloved anime as Princess Mononoke, FLCL, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Millennium Actress, Dragon Ball Z, and Michiko to Hatchin. Join us as we talk with him about his career in animation and the journey he took to get there.

VR Manga: First Look – 6:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
First look at reading manga in Virtual Reality before it’s released to the public. Learn and discuss the vision of manga in VR and get a chance to win prizes. With Austin Osueke and eigoMANGA.

Crafting with MOSTFLOGGED: Bodysuits 101 – 6:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
MOSTFLOGGED divulges all the tips and tricks to making the perfect bodysuit.

CRX Chat: Anime Supporters – 7:15 PM – CRX Stage
Imagine you travel all the way to Tokyo from the other side of the country to become an animator. And when you get there, you can’t pay the rent. This is the reality for many in the anime industry today. Canipa spotlights the organization helping those struggling to stay afloat in the industry

CRX Chat: Edo Cats – Tails of Old Tokyo – 7:35 PM – CRX Stage
In this CRX Chat, Manga University publisher Glenn Kardy explains how a little book is making a big difference in the lives of homeless Japanese kittycats. Meow.

Anime and YouTube – 7:45 PM – Hime Stage
How has the popularity of YouTube impacted anime and anime fandom in the US? Join influencers Octopimp, Glass Reflection, Mother’s Basement, Digibro, and Gigguk to find out!

Subs vs Dubs – 7:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Some love their anime subbed, some love it dubbed. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Find out the definitive answer as Justin Rojas, Cayla Coates, Freddie Wong, and ProZD go head-to-head to get to the bottom of this eternal question!

CRX Chat: How Monetization Affects What Kinds of Anime Are Made – 7:55 PM – CRX Stage
What a final anime looks and feels like is driven by dozens of factors…but one of the most important and least discussed is the way that an anime is capable of making money. Whether it’s a super-violent 90s OVA or the straight-to-web Sailor Moon Crystal, learn how an anime’s financial goals impact its artistry with Miles Thomas.

CRX Chat: Otaku Journalism – Techniques for Reporting on Anime and Fandom from a Professional Journalist – 8:15 PM – CRX Stage
Pop culture reporting isn’t any less rigorous than other kinds of journalism (though it’s certainly a lot more fun). Take it from Lauren Orsini, who has been reporting on the anime community for nearly a decade at outlets like Anime News Network and Forbes. Come for practical tips on covering fandom events, interviewing industry names, and reporting with integrity.

My Hero Academia: After School Special with Special Guests – 8:30 PM – Main Stage
Join us as we watch the latest episode of My Hero Academia followed up by a special live After School Special with Victoria Holden and Elliot Trinidad. But that’s not all! Following this we’ll talk more about My Hero Academia with Caitlin Glass (voice of Mina) and Monica Rial (voice of Tsuyu)!

Gigguk – 8:45 PM – Hime Stage
Join Gigguk as he reveals what it’s like to quit your day job to make dank anime videos on YouTube.

A (Brief) History of Magical Girl Anime – 8:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
From Sally the Witch and Princess Knight, through to the 90’s with Sailor Moon, to today, this panel will cover everything from the super light and fluffy to the grim and depressing, all while giving you a (brief) understanding of the magical girl (mahou shoujo) genre, from where it started to where it could go in the future. With Glass Reflection!

ProZD – 9:45 PM – Hime Stage
Join ProZD as he talks about life as an anime YouTuber and voice actor, some of his favorite shows, and his cat.