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Project Description


Butch Hartman grew up in Michigan and attended Cal Arts to study animation. Hartman began working with Nickelodeon in 1998 where he created The Fairly OddParents. It follows the adventures of 10 year old Timmy Turner and his magical fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda. It has been running non-stop, successfully, for 16 years. Quite an accomplishment for any TV show, let alone an animated one. It is currently aired in over 30 countries and has been translated into just as many languages. It has won several Emmy awards and has even taken the form of three separate live action movies. It has just finished producing it’s 10th season and there is already talk of doing more. Hey, maybe it’s magic?

In 2004, Hartman created his second Nicktoon  – Danny Phantom – about teenage boy with ghost-like superpowers.  It ran for 4 seasons and has built one of the biggest fan bases of any cartoon ever created. It can currently be seen in reruns on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons. The enthusiastic fans are constantly pleading for fresh episodes. 

In 2010 Hartman created his third Nickelodeon show – TUFF PUPPY – which follows the misadventures of a gung-ho, dim-witted dog named Dudley Puppy who is thrust into the role of “hero” when recruited by the super-secret crime fighting organization known as TUFF. This show ran for three seasons and is considered one of the funniest cartoons ever created about a crime-fighting dog with no pants.

In July 2015, Hartman launched his very own entertainment network: the NOOG NETWORK. it’s a free, interactive app on the App Store that allows kids to watch all-original, family-friendly programming. Kids can enjoy original cartoons, live action shows, video games, music and more. Plus, they can collect characters known as NOOGS that populate the world. Their proud slogan is: ‘We are a safe place for kids’. 

Also, in August, 2015, Hartman sold his fourth Nickelodeon animated show: BUNSEN IS A BEAST. it follows the adventures of a little monster named Bunsen who is the first beast to ever go to a human school. He just wants to fit in and not scare anyone. But by becoming friends with a human kid named Mikey Munroe, Bunsen learns all about the hand world and, in turn, gets to teach Mikey about the crazy world of monsters!  It premiered on Nickelodeon in 2017.

In August, 2016, Butch got into the world of graphic novels when his original comic book ‘THREE O’CLOCK CLUB’ (co-created with Jordan Gorfinkel) was released by Lion Forge Comics. It follows the adventures of a group of teenagers who have to defend their school against a mystic portal that opens in their school every day at 3:00 and spews out the freakish and sometimes dangerous embodiment of whatever it is the kids are anxious about that day. 

In 2005 Butch – along with his wife Julieann – founded Hartman House, a charitable, non-profit organization that benefits needy children and families around the world. They have built houses and helped people in Haiti, Uganda, Guatemala and right here in the U.S. Butch loves cartoons, comedy, and entertaining kids on every planet in the solar system!