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Kore Yamazaki, writer and artist of the internationally-acclaimed manga and anime, The Ancient Magus’ Bride, is coming to Crunchyroll Expo! 

The Ancient Magus’ Bride tells the story of Chise, a Japanese girl born with the rare ability to see spirits. Orphaned at a young age, she was passed around by her extended family, each finding her odd reactions to the unseen as eerie. Consumed with a sense of loneliness, she eventually sells herself into slavery simply to have a place to belong. Chise is purchased for a grand sum by the mysterious, skull-headed Elias, who claims to be one of a dying breed of magus and aims to make her his apprentice, and eventually his bride. He also resolves to change her perception of her supernatural sight, which she considers a curse, to the rare blessing he believes it to be.

Kore Yamazaki is a Japanese manga artist living in the Hokkaido prefecture. After her debut as a manga artist in 2013, she began serializing The Ancient Magus’ Bride in 2015. As of August 2017, The Ancient Magus’ Bride has become a worldwide phenomenon, translated into over 14 languages and selling more thn 4 million copies in Japan alone. The title is loved by readers across the globe and has even been ranked in the best-seller list of the New York Times!

Crunchyroll recently debuted the first three episodes of the highly anticipated anime adaptation of this enchanting tale as part of its sold-out Anime Movie Night event. The series will begin simulcasting this fall, but you can watch the 3-part prequel OVA The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star right now on Crunchyroll!

Kore Yamazaki will be at Crunchyroll Expo to talk about her famous creation as well as sign autographs for fans!