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Project Description


✦MOSTFLOGGED✦ aka Jenni is a native New Yorker living in sunny California with a degree in Media & Communications and a passion for all things nerdy, especially「GAINAX ボックス」 series! She’s been sewing for nine years as a self-taught seamstress who’s made over 200 costumes from anime, comics, web series, and video games!

Jenni believes in the power of friendship and co-owns ANIMETRASHSWAG with her demon sister TATTO, an alternative anime inspired punk fashion brand. Every day she works hard to make dreams come true and loves sharing inspiration and cosplay tips n tricks with other nerds!!!

She’ll be appearing at Crunchyroll Expo as our official Crunchyroll Hime mascot!

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Twitter: @mostflogged

Instagram: @mostflogged

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mostfloggedcosplay/