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CRX Chat: Studying Abroad in Japan and What Relates to Anime – 10:30 – CRX Stage
Igor Akimenko touches on things that surprise and/or impress exchange students most, like convenience stores, sakura, hanami, losing the smallest of things on a train and getting them back, and the lack of public trash cans.

ELEVEN ARTS: Coming to a Theater Near You – 10:45 AM – Hime Stage
ELEVEN ARTS bring acclaimed anime and Japanese movies to theaters near you. Come find out news on what titles we’ll be bringing you in the coming months. Like swag? We’ll also be giving out prizes at the end.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment presents “Intro to CODE VEIN” – 10:45 AM – Main Stage
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment presents a special panel with Hiroshi Yoshimura, Director of the GOD EATER series and CODE VEIN, and Keita Iizuka, Producer of CODE VEIN. Come and hear about their background, a look into the development process, a deep dive into gameplay, and new information on the upcoming action RPG – CODE VEIN.

Anime in Academia: An Introduction to Anime & Manga Studies – 10:45 AM – Sudachi Stage
The past decade has been a strong time for Japanese animation and manga in research, publications, and university scholarship. Come learn about what resources are available to budding scholars, who’s performing new research, and what’s necessary for an educational understanding of the history, trends, and meanings of Japanese popular culture.

Saiyuki Reload Blast Ep. 9 Premiere – 10:45 AM – Yuzu Stage
See the latest episode of Saiyuki Reload Blast days before it airs on Crunchyroll!

CRX Chat: Anime: The Global Medium – 10:50 AM – CRX Stage
Anime isn’t just made by Japanese people. In this chat, Callum May looks at some of the foreign anime staff who made the leap to working in the Japanese anime industry.

CRX Chat: Why Manga Matters – 11:10 AM – CRX Stage
Modern manga has been around for over 100 years, and it’s the root of the majority of anime ever made. Why is that, and why has it taken the rest of the world by storm? Join Dallas Middaugh, formerly in charge of Del Rey Manga and Kodansha Comics, co-founder of Seven Seas, sales director at VIZ, and current head of manga at Crunchyroll, for a whirlwind tour of the last century of manga publishing and how changes in the industry have helped shape pop culture throughout the world.

CRX Chat: Becoming a Fan of Fandom – 11:30 AM – CRX Stage
There are many different facets to fandom and the cultures around it. After being deeply entrenched in this world both personally and professionally for almost four decades, Adam Sheehan (Director of Events at Crunchyroll) would like to share how there is a lot to learn and enjoy by stepping back from the shows, games, and books we love and look at the fandom surrounding them.

Meet the Creator of Kino’s Journey – 11:45 AM – Hime Stage
Keiichi Sigsawa, the creator and author of the critically-acclaimed light novel Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World, is here to discuss its wonderful story and the new anime adaptation that is coming to Crunchyroll this October.

A Feminist Survival Guide to Anime Fandom – 11:45 AM – Sudachi Stage
What do you do if your fave is problematic? How can you be a good ally? What’s the best response when you’re being criticized for feminist views? How do you get to know other like-minded fans? Join the Anime Feminist team as we share lessons learned and practical tips for feminists in anime fandom.

Manga Publishing 101 – 11:45 AM – Yuzu Stage
Join us for a roundtable discussion of the American manga scene with Michael Gombos (Dark Horse), Alvin Lu (Kodansha), Dallas Middaugh (Crunchyroll), and Glenn Kardy (Japanime). Moderated by Deb Aoki.

CRX Chat: The Curse of Copyright – Why Being a Fan Artist is So Much Better in Japan – 11:50 AM – CRX Stage
Japanamerica author Roland Kelts introduces the world of doujinshi – self-published creative works that power an entire industry in Japan but would be illegal in the US. Kelts lives in Tokyo and attends the Comic Market (Comiket), the world’s largest fan art festival, drawing over half a million fans and amateur artists twice a year. Learn about doujinshi, Comiket, and the Japanese manga and anime industries here!

Final Fantasy and Video Games: Meet the Chocobros! – 12:00 PM – Main Stage
Final Fantasy XV’s Adam Croasdell, Chris Parson, and Ray Chase are here to talk about being a part of one of the greatest RPG video games ever, voice acting, and other fun stuff.

Crunchyroll Industry Panel – 12:45 PM – CRX Sage
Hear about all the latest and greatest anime and manga coming out of Crunchyroll straight from the source! Plus prizes!

Funimation Favorites – 12:45 PM – Hime Stage
Join Funimation staff as we take a look at some of our personal favorites from current anime and past classics. What’s your Funimation favorite? Share it with us using the hashtag #FunimationFave and you could win a prize!

Anime Burger Time – 12:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
Does exactly what it says on the tin! In this clip show, Evan Minto (Otaku USA, Ani-Gamers) celebrates the many appearances of hamburgers in anime, from space vending machines to burger-shaped four-leaf clovers. NOTE: This is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Burger) event.

Saturday AM – 12:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Learn about the global manga movement with emphasis on publishing, marketing, and production secrets and get EXCLUSIVE reveals as Saturday AM heads to its 75th issue and its 4th year anniversary! Join popular Saturday AM creators APPLE BLACK’s Whyt Manga, SAIGAMI’s Andrea Voros, BULLY EATER’s Raymond Brown, CLOCK STRIKER’s Michelle Massarolo, and more!

RWBY – 1:15 PM – Main Stage
Join Kerry Shawcross, Miles Luna, and Gray G. Haddock as they talk about the upcoming Volume 5 of RWBY and share stories from behind-the-scenes and exclusive content!

Aniplex of America Industry Panel – 1:45 PM – CRX Stage
Join the Aniplex of America marketing team as they bring you the latest news from AOA headquarters! Watch the coolest trailers, hear about new releases, ask questions, and win some awesome prizes. Find out why it’s only the best with Aniplex!

So You Want To Be An Influencer! – 1:45 PM – Hime Stage
Get the 101 on becoming and staying an online influencer from Gigguk, Freddie Wong, Domics, and Erika Ishii!

Fandom Fashion: Itabags 101 – 1:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
Are you obsessed with a fandom and want to express your obsession through the latest trend in otaku fashion? If you have so many rubber straps that you can’t even locate your keys on your keychain anymore, then Itabags are for you! Derived from the combination of “itai” (Japanese for “painful”) and “bag,” Itabag (痛バッグ) fashion is sweeping the anime convention scene. Join us in exploring the history of Itabags, examining their prevalence in otaku culture, and learning methods and techniques for creating your own.

Food in Anime – 1:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Food Anime has taken the world by storm! Join our hosts and Cooking With Anime creator Emily Bushman as they share their favorite cooking anime, countdown the most delicious food in animated history, and reveal a very special treat at the end!!

Johnny Weir: A Conversation with an Olympic Figure Skater and Yuri!!! On ICE Fan – 2:30 PM – Main Stage
Join us for an in-depth conversation with two-time Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir. We’ll take a deep, triple-lutz dive on skating, fans, Yuri!!! On ICE, and everything in-between!

Master Class with Hiroshi Shimizu – 2:45 PM – CRX Stage
Legendary animator Hiroshi Shimizu wants to share with you how he creates art. Shimizu has worked on such beloved anime as Princess Mononoke, FLCL, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Millennium Actress, Dragon Ball Z, and Michiko to Hatchin. Do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from an animation master!

Roland Kelts: Japanamerica – Anime vs Hollywood – 2:45 PM – Hime Stage
The author of the critically acclaimed bestseller Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture has Invaded the US presents his work as a half-Japanese writer living in Tokyo and New York. Kelts will explain the genesis of Japanamerica, the hybrid nature of his personal and professional life, his writing on Japanese pop culture, and how he makes a living writing and talking about Japan and the US, whose entertainment industries are becoming more connected.

Making Foam Armor for Cheap – 2:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
At this panel you’ll learn the basics and tips for creating your very own amazing suits of armor without having to spend buckets of money. Lady Staba will go in depth over basic tools, supplies, foam techniques, price comparisons, and supply quality. Everything you could possibly want to know about foamsmithing!

Anime Jeopardy – 2:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
It’s time for Celebrity Anime Jeopardy! Host Miles Thomas brings some of Crunchyroll Expo’s brightest on stage for quizzical fun!

MARIO MASHUP – 3:45 PM – CRX Stage
Have you ever wondered what would happen if your favorite con celebs were thrown into a dark pit to fight each other to the death? Then you’re a very disturbed individual, but perhaps we can entertain you by matching CRX guests who’ve never met in a game of MARIO KART! Featuring Johnny Weir, Ray Chase, Mica Burton, and Octopimp!

Freddie Wong – 3:45 PM – Hime Stage
Come meet the man named one of Hollywood’s brightest stars on Forbes’s 2015 “30 under 30” list. Freddie Wong sits down to discuss what it’s like bringing professional premium content to YouTube.

Kore Yamazaki and The Ancient Magus’ Bride – 3:45 PM – Main Stage
Meet Kore Yamazaki, author of the critically acclaimed manga The Ancient Magus’ Bride. Learn about her career, her upcoming projects, and how she feels about her new anime!

Making Cosplay Swords – 3:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
Creating your very own cosplay prop sword doesn’t need expensive equipment or difficult techniques. Experienced cosplayers and directors of Kraken Con Stephen and Lindsey will share with you their approach on forging your own cosplay prop swords out of lightweight, readily-available materials – all without costing a fortune or burning down the house!

Dark Horse Manga – 3:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Dark Horse is the second-oldest publisher of manga in North America (since 1988) and is proud to have released nearly 50 works by Crunchyroll Expo Guest of Honor Yoshitaka Amano, including his first original novel Deva Zan, the Vampire Hunter D series (with Hideyuki Kikuchi), Shinjuku (with mink), The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy, Fairies, and The Tale of Genji. Dark Horse’s current Japanese releases include such titles as Berserk, I Am a Hero, Drifters, The Art of Splatoon, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Psycho-Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami, Hatsune Miku: Future Delivery, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legend of the Piko Piko Middle School Students, and H.P. Lovecraft’s The Hound and Other Stories. Come by our panel to hear about our Japanese releases this season and through the rest of 2017, bring your questions, and win special prizes! We’ll also have a special announcement of a major new release from Yoshitaka Amano!

Funimation Industry Panel – 4:45 PM – CRX Stage
From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, hear the latest news, info, and announcements from North America’s largest anime distributor – Funimation. Live tweet with us using the hashtag #FunimationPanel for a chance to win prizes!

URAHARA: Otaku x Fashion x Creation – 4:45 PM – Hime Stage
A sneak peak at the upcoming URAHARA anime, set to stream on Crunchyroll in fall 2017. Meet the director (Amica Kubo), main writer (Natsuko Takahashi), and original character designer (Mugi Tanaka) of this upcoming science fiction and drama series from an entirely female creative staff!

Alternative IDOL: A Look into the J-Pop Underground – 4:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
Ever wonder if there is more to the world of Japanese idols than Morning Musume and AKB48? Join A-to-J Connections as they take a look into the underground of J-Pop and examine the wild and crazy world of alternative idols! Following the success of groups like BiS and BABYMETAL, idol groups have gone to various extremes to stand above the crowd and have taken the Japanese pop music scene by storm.

Diversity in Anime & Manga – 4:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Be a part of the discussion as we explore the shifting landscape of diversity in anime and manga. With publishers Noir Caesar and Saturday AM. Moderated by Deb Aoki.

Yoshitaka Amano – 5:00 PM – Main Stage
Join Dark Horse’s Michael Gombos for a discussion with famed Japanese artist, character designer, and illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. Amano is most well-known for his work on the Final Fantasy series as well as being the illustrator of Vampire Hunter D. Go inside the mind of a genius!

Castlevania: An Insider’s Look – 5:45 PM – CRX Stage
Castlevania has been a huge hit on Netflix, so much so that a second season was announced just days after the first one debuted! Join director Sam Deats and Powerhouse Animation CEO Brad Graeber as they talk about how they came to work with one of the greatest video games of all time and how they managed to deepen the Castlevania lore from the simple plot set forth in the game! Special guest Frederator’s Fred Seibert will also be there!

Fate/Grand Order – 5:45 PM – Hime Stage
Want to learn more about the hit mobile game Fate/Grand Order? Aniplex of America’s Localization Producer will be present to talk about what it’s like working on the localization for Fate/Grand Order! There will be a Q&A session and some prizes will be given away as well. Don’t miss it!

Nihon ni Ikou! Travel to Japan 101 – 5:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
So you want to go to Japan… but you have no idea where to start? In less than an hour, you’ll learn the basics of what you need to know and what you can probably improvise while you apologize profusely: travel, lodging, food, sightseeing, language, and more!

Mica Burton – 5:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Join Mica as she talks about her passion for anime and cosplay!

What’s in an OP? – 6:15 PM – Main Stage
Join Mother’s Basement as he analyses some of the best anime openings Japan has to offer.

What’s Next for the Anime Industry? – 6:45 PM – CRX Stage
It’s been an exciting decade for anime. From its roots in traded fansubs on VHS to the global streaming phenomenon it’s become, anime is everywhere. But in the internet age the only constant is change, so what do the next few years hold? Join experts Roland Kelts (Japanamerica), Zac Bertschy (Anime News Network), and Miles Thomas (Crunchyroll) to hear their thoughts!

A Centaur’s Life Ep. 8 Premiere – 6:45 PM – Hime Stage
Come see an early sneak peek of the latest episode of A Centaur’s Life!

Nerds N Hip-Hop – 6:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
Dedicated to Nerds, Hip-Hop Heads, and all of us in-between! Nerds N Hip-Hop is about a strong but commonly overlooked connection between Hip-Hop and Geek Culture. Join the nerdMOB as they introduce the connection and discuss how the two worlds are more alike than we think.

Mugi Tanaka: From Comiket to Anime – Adventures in Self-Publishing – 6:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Artist Mugi Tanaka got her big break when she was discovered at the Comic Market in Japan. Now she’s the co-creator of the upcoming anime series URAHARA, set to stream on Crunchyroll soon. Hear as Mugi recounts her journey from the convention floor to the big time!

Rooster Teeth’s Fan Service Live – 7:45 PM – Hime Stage
Gray Haddock, Kerry Shawcross, Miles Luna, Yssa Badiola, Cole Gallian, Austin Hardwicke, and their friends discuss the latest news, trailers, and episodes from the world of anime.

Osaka: Laugh with Japan – 7:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
Had enough kawaii in your con? Sounds like you need a bit of Osaka in your expo then! Far too little is known about the second largest city in Japan and it’s such a shame that it’s laughable. But if you want to laugh while learning about a whole new side to Japan, come on over and start walking the Osaka Strut.

Crunchycast Live – 7:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Join Crunchyroll’s hosts for a special edition of our weekly podcast live from Crunchyroll Expo. Hosts Victoria Holden, Miles Thomas, and special guests will discuss what shows they’re watching and take on current anime news, leaving plenty of room for fan questions and feedback!

ClariS Concert Video Premiere: ClariS Meets Nippon Budokan – 8:00 PM – CRX Stage
The Crunchyroll Expo premiere of the ClariS Meets Nippon Budokan ~ Two Masks and The Lost Sun ~ Video Concert! THE WAIT IS OVER! Finally! Japanese girl duo ClariS will unveil their anonymity for the first time! Attendees of this Crunchyroll Expo Premiere will get the opportunity to see ClariS’ live concert at the legendary Nippon Budokan Arena in Japan and will receive a FREE ClariS light stick!

Masquerade ULTRA DELUXE – 8:00 PM – Main Stage
Cosplay takes center stage on Saturday night! Our Masquerade ULTRA DELUXE is half costume contest and half Japanese game show… and all awesome! Whether you’re a cosplayer on stage or a fan in the audience, you’ve got a chance to win fame, fortune, and prizes!

When Was (Is?) the Golden Age of Anime? – 8:45 PM – Hime Stage
Anime has been around for over six decades and it’s had its highs and lows. But when was its Golden Age? Did the debut of Astro Boy, Dragon Ball Z, or Naruto mark a major shift, or are we living in that age now? Panelists ProZD, Gigguk, and Glass Reflection will let you know what they think!

Lastman Premiere – 8:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
Meet the young Richard Aldana, 10 years before he kicks everyone’s ass in the comic book Lastman. Follow his adventures, full of fighting, gangsters, and paranormal activity! Join the panel for an early screening of the first few episodes, with posters from the show’s staff for all in attendance – including a few signed posters!

Mega64 – 8:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
The team from Mega64 is here to talk about videos, gaming, podcast, and their special brand of madness.