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CRX Chat: Manga is Even Bigger Than You Think – 10:30 AM – CRX Stage
Ever wished you could do a deep dive analysis of manga sales in the US? Well, wish no more! Dallas Middaugh, a veteran of the US manga publishing industry, has spent years analyzing manga and graphic novel sales trends, and this is where he lays it all out on the table. Expect thrilling spreadsheets, exciting graphs, and as many numbers crammed into 15 minutes as he can manage!

Women in the Japanese Anime Industry – 10:45 AM – Hime Stage
The staff of the upcoming URAHARA series – director Amica Kubo, writer Natsuko Takahashi, and original character designer Mugi Tanaka – have a rare roundtable discussion about what it’s like to work in the Japanese anime industry as female creators.

Inside Crunchyroll (Premium Member Exclusive Event) – 10:45 AM – Main Stage
Get a rare behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of Crunchyroll in this exclusive, Premium Members-only panel. Want to hear how Crunchyroll got started straight from the founder of the company? Curious about the process of licensing anime? Wondering why we started our own con? If you’re a Premium Member, come join us for a rare chance to hear and talk to the people inside Crunchyroll! (Premium Member Badge required!)

MADs vs. AMVs: A Look into the Fan Creations of Japan – 10:45 AM – Sudachi Stage
This panel will focus on MADs, which are essentially the AMVs of Japan. However, their MAD isn’t short for something like “Music Anime Douga”, it’s literally a MAD MAD world out there, and it means any kind of heavily edited footage, posted mostly for humor. We’ll show you some of the craziest, loudest, and funniest MADs out there you wouldn’t be able to watch on YouTube!

We Translate Your Anime (and More) – 10:45 AM – Yuzu Stage
Where do the subtitles on Crunchyroll and other sites come from? Meet a panel of the industry’s top translators to find out behind-the-scenes details about the translation process. Learn all about deadlines, tricky translation challenges, goof-ups, and more. Includes audience question and answer session at the end, too!

CRX Chat: 3D Anime Is Good, Actually (with The Canipa Effect) – 10:50 AM – CRX Stage
Fully 3D anime are often overlooked. But Callum May shows us there’s an extraordinary level of production that goes into making them suited for anime fans.

CRX Chat: The Anime Opening Formula: Why Shonen Openings Pump You Up – 11:10 AM – CRX Stage
Many people’s first impression of an anime comes from the intro song. Join Mark Lee in looking at some great openings that use a surprisingly simple cadence to convey action and excitement.

CRX Chat: Samurai Cinema’s Influence on Samurai Jack – 11:30 AM – CRX Stage
Are you a fan of Samurai Jack and want to know more about the samurai movies that influenced the Cartoon Network legend? Come chat with super fan Carmilla Jo and learn more about the history and aesthetics of samurai movies and the DNA of the masterpiece Samurai Jack.

Anime Heads Up – 11:45 AM – Hime Stage
Think you know your anime? Contestants will hold a character in front of their face and try to guess who it is by asking specific questions about that character. Think 20 questions, but anime. Try your luck! Join hosts Victoria Holden and Miles Thomas as fans play Anime Heads Up!

IDOL 2D: Idol Anime From Macross to Love Live! – 11:45 AM – Sudachi Stage
Are you a fan of shows like Love Live!, IDOLM@STER, PriPara, or Aikatsu? Then we have the panel for you! A-To-J Connections has spent hundreds of hours watching and absorbing nearly every idol anime out there to bring you this panel that features only the best of 2D idols! From the beginnings of Macross to the success of shows like Kirarin Revolution and AKB0048, we will cover it all and also discuss topics such as idols as voice actors, voice actors who evolve into idols, and the future of the genre!

Powerhouse: Inside the Animation Studio – 11:45 AM – Yuzu Stage
Powerhouse Animation is responsible for the hit animation Castlevania on Netflix, but did you know they’ve worked on Agents of Mayhem, Epic Mickey, Darksiders, Battle Chasers, and League of Legends as well? Meet Brad Graeber, CEO of Powerhouse, and Sam Deats, director of Castlevania, and learn more about where they’ve been and where they’re headed!

CRX Chat: Action as Storytelling – 11:50 AM – CRX Stage
Action’s not just filler! Nate Ming takes us through some of anime’s greatest action scenes and shows how a fight can tell a story through each punch.

CRX Chat: Persona and Carl Jung – 12:10 PM – CRX Stage
Alexis Berman examines the first Persona game and Persona 5 through the Jungian lens which inspired the games and looks at some of the distinctions between what the games use and Carl Jung’s thoughts on the Persona, the Shadow, and the Self.

CRX Chat: The Changing Faces of Anime – 12:30 PM – CRX Stage
Anime and manga have seen their fair share of different looks and feels throughout the years, but few aspects stand out as much as the faces of their characters. Join Evan Minto (Otaku USA, Ani-Gamers) for an overview of more than 60 years of anime and manga character designs, from Astro Boy to Attack on Titan!

Crunchyroll Presents: An Exclusive Sneak Peek of The Ancient Magus’ Bride – 12:30 PM – Main Stage
Get an exclusive look at Wit Studio’s highly anticipated new series, The Ancient Magus’ Bride, before it airs in Japan! Join us as we sit down with Kore Yamazaki (original creator) and Kyohei Shimpuku (editor of the manga) to present a sneak peek of the first three episodes of the anime. (This is a ticketed event! Get your free ticket on Sunday morning starting at 8:30 AM in the Autograph Hall!)

Restaurant to Another World Ep. 9 Premiere – 12:45 PM – Hime Stage
A special treat from Japan! Come see the latest episode of Restaurant to Another World early!

How to Read Sewing Patterns – 12:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
Learn how to read and understand sewing patterns from Simplicity to Vogue. Tips and tricks from which brand of pattern to purchase to which brands have strange sizing quirks. If you have ever been lost looking at sewing patterns, this is the panel for you!

Anime in Latin America (El Anime en América Latina) – 12:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
El anime con el paso de los años se ha extendido a diversas regiones, una de ellas es Latinoamérica. Pero, ¿cómo fueron sus inicios, comercio, distribución y popularización en esta región? (Is this the first anime panel in Spanish in the US? Probably not, but it’s still pretty cool! Spanish will be only language spoken.)

Anime in 2017 – 1:45 PM – Hime Stage
It’s been a wild ride for anime this year, and we’ve still got another season to go! Join anime experts Miranda Sanchez from IGN, Mother’s Basement, Callum May, and Jacob Chapman as they talk about what’s excited them so far this year, and what they’re most looking forward to!

How Anime is Made – 1:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
An in-depth look at the anime production process, showing how a project goes from an idea to a finished product, presented by Evan Minto (Otaku USA, Ani-Gamers). Topics include storyboarding, background art, voice acting, and of course, the actual process of animating the show.

Kana de Manga: The ABCs of Japanese – 1:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Learning how to read and write Japanese is easier than you might think! Attend this Manga University session and by the end, you’ll know how to write your own name – and more – in Japanese!

Domics – 2:00 PM – CRX Stage
Come see YouTuber Domics live and not just an animation! Domics, known for his animated videos on YouTube, will be here to talk about his work, how he creates all his videos, and to take questions from fans.

Joker Game Screening – 2:45 PM – Hime Stage
Seeking intel on other countries before the dawn of World War II, the Japanese government forms a clandestine spy organization called the “D Agency.” Surpassing its rigorous physical and mental training, eight men obtain the skills needed to live undercover for years at a time. In this recollection of their endeavors, these men will prove just how far they can go in the desolate game of espionage.

MARIO MASHUP – 2:45 PM – Main Stage
Have you ever wondered what would happen if your favorite con celebs were thrown into a dark pit to fight each other to the death? Then you’re a very disturbed individual, but perhaps we can entertain you by matching CRX guests who’ve never met in a game of MARIO KART! Featuring Kore Yamazaki, Kyohei Shimpuku, Caitlin Glass, ProZD, and Chris Parson!

LED Lights in Cosplay – 2:45 PM – Sudachi Stage
Have you ever wanted to incorporate lights to your cosplay? This panel is for you. Join veteran cosplayer Cherry Tea Girl as she explains the basics of LED lighting, creating various circuits, and examples of her work throughout the years.

Crunchyroll Expo Feedback – 2:45 PM – Yuzu Stage
Our community is important to us and we value your feedback. Come be a part of the discussion and help to make Crunchyroll Expo even better next year!