San Jose Convention Center | San Jose, CA

September 1-3, 2018

CrunchyRoll Expo

CRX Moves to San Jose!

Crunchyroll Expo 2017 was REALLY GREAT, but we want to make this year’s convention even better! CRX got its start at the Santa Clara Convention Center last year, but we’re changing the location up for 2018. After some careful consideration, we decided to take CRX to the San Jose Convention Center. Wondering why? Well here’s a breakdown behind our reasoning:

  • Keeping it Local
    • We wanted to keep Crunchyroll Expo in the Bay Area and San Jose is one of the most easily accessible major areas outside of San Francisco.
  • More Space
    • We loved our time at the Santa Clara Convention Center in 2017 but we outgrew the space pretty quickly! With 16,000 attendees in our first year, we knew our second year needed a larger venue.
  • Convenience, Convenience, Convenience!
    • The San Jose Convention Center is located in downtown San Jose, where there are multiple restaurants, shops, and hotels in easy walking distance! Shopping for cosplay repair and getting dinner close to the con will be super easy with our new location.
  • Fan Familiarity
    • The San Jose Convention Center is also the home of Fanime, a Bay Area convention mainstay, so anime fans are already familiar with the venue and the area.
  • Home Team Advantage
    • San Jose is about an hour away from San Fransisco. where the Crunchyroll office is located.

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Crunchyroll Expo 2018