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Even Anime Characters Love Cons!

There’s something really magical about attending an anime convention. Whether it’s a gigantic, industry-spanning event or a small-town con with only a few hundred attendees, the feeling of coming together with a group of strangers passionate about the same things you are is such a special experience! It’s so special, in fact, that anime characters themselves frequent conventions within shows! Here are four of our favorite animated con-goers:

Lucky Star


We all remember our first time attending an anime convention. One particular episode of Lucky Star manages to capture a unique facet of that experience—taking non-anime fans to a con for the first time! While Konata’s expectations of her friends might be a bit inconsiderate, Lucky Star manages to perfectly illustrate the awe, magic, and slight intimidation that comes with entering the world of anime conventions for the first time!

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is all about finding your place among family and friends, so it would make sense that the characters end up at an anime convention at some point! Cons can be an amazing place to form bonds and connections with really special people, as shown in Toru’s warm smile as she meets and interacts with artists, cosplayers, and other con-goers!



Anime conventions, especially those in the middle of summer, can be brutally exhausting! The cast of DENKI-GAI portray this perfectly! While we don’t get to see the group of friends attending the con, the beginning of one episode sees them trudging away from the convention center with dazed, tired looks that any con-goer will find familiar.

Hayate the Combat Butler


But what if you don’t have a local convention? Well, then you can take a leaf from Nagi of Hayate the Combat Butler’s book and make your own! The heiress/manga artist transforms her school’s cultural festival into a full-blown replica of Comiket, Japan’s biggest con! Granted she was under a hypnotic trance from a villainous hypnotist, but Nagi’s convention ended up being a hit regardless!

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