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burnout syndomes

Burnout Syndromes

In Person · Japanese Rock Band – Haikyu!!, Gintama, Dr. STONE

BURNOUT SYNDROMES is a J-rock group that’s pretty much been the soundtrack of anime since the 2000s. They’ve performed the opening themes for three consecutive seasons of Haikyu!!, the opening theme for Dr. STONE, and the ending theme to Gintama.

The three-piece band formed in Osaka in 2005, but showed first signs of stardom in 2010 after winning the second Grand Prix at the TOKYO FM-hosted Senkou Rionette. However, it was their 2016 debut single “FLY HIGH” that brought them to prominence after being chosen for the second season of Haikyu!!

Since then, their blend of poetic lyrics and eclectic melodies have brought continued success for the band. You can check out some of their most recent work performing the opening theme of SUPER HXEROS, in addition to having produced the VTube group HXEROS SYNDROMES specifically for the series.

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