San Jose Convention Center | San Jose, CA

September 1-3, 2018

CrunchyRoll Expo


S2HEART is the studio name of artist Susanna “Bunny” Yi. Creating stylized illustrations of original characters and fan art, she applies them to items that can be used every day like apparel, accessories and stationary so a little bit of kawaii can be added to your day. She’s inspired by fashion, the desire to connect in an ever-increasing disconnected world, anxiety and depression. Through her enamel pin designs like “Lesbean Sprout”, “Fujoshi” and “Fudanshi” she wanted to bring people together and also them to wear their interests proudly. For Crunchyroll, she would bring her screen printed apparel line, keychains, enamel pins, stickers, prints and sketchbook zine of both original designs and beloved fanart titles like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Steven Universe, Kill La Kill, and more.

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Crunchyroll Expo 2018