San Jose Convention Center | San Jose, CA

September 1-3, 2018

CrunchyRoll Expo

Special Gift For VIP+ Attendees

VIP+ attendees get access to a very special gift this year – Crunchyroll’s resident princess Hime bursts forth in her first-ever 3D rendering!

No detail was spared in this masterful sculpt by Kotobukiya, which sees Hime in the process of tying back her flowing fox spirit locks. Not only does her ’do radiantly shimmer from opaque to translucent, her outfit boasts metallic, matte, and pearlescent paints to make every detail pop!

Standing tall atop a translucent Crunchyroll logo base as she readies for her next adventure, Hime’s confidence radiates from every authentic design detail – particularly the nuzzling of her beloved kitty, Yuzu.

VIP+ will have the option to select this very special gift (to be mailed in the fall), or the usual grab bag of items. Please note – this is for VIP+ badges only, not the VIP badges.

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Crunchyroll Expo 2018